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OK, this is fascinating - they're not involved in producing information content, their role in largely in making sure that target audiences in host countries can maintain access to certain information content. Like a team of cyber-ninjas you send in to fix supply lines to uninterrupted, live access - psych warfare media. Or like Jim Carey in The Cable Guy. But CIA.

But at the same time they're enabling a lot of this access via their own servers, so they can log who is accessing what, thus helping the CIA/NSA/whoever refine their messaging and identify and classify their target audiences more efficiently.

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The Internet has given incredible freedoms to humanity. The ability to share, discuss or discover anything and everything anywhere at anytime is powerful, and it's helped me personally. I wouldn't be the same person today if it was not for a free and anonymous internet.

It's quite saddening to see Internet freedom be co-opted for purposes like this. The intelligence apparatuses will lecture other countries on the sad state of their Internet access while they clench down on Internet freedoms back at home.

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Congratulations !!


Twitter Files - Wikipedia -- Kathleen McCook



1 Background

2 Content

2.1 Content moderation of New York Post story

2.2 Visibility filtering

2.3 Attack on the Capitol and suspension of Donald Trump

2.4 FBI communications with Twitter Trust and Safety Team

3 Reactions

3.1 Politicians

3.2 Legal scholars

3.3 Privacy and security

3.4 Former Twitter employees

3.5 Journalists

3.6 Commentators

4 Reference

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