Haven't the Bosnians suffered enough? Their blood, like the Ukrainians now, was used in order for the West's strategic play of breaking up Yugoslavia. They've been displaced, dismembered, disillusioned, and lost too much already. Should they give their souls now too? Will that finally sate the gluttonous Kings of Empire?

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Cui bono?

This subtitle made me laugh. It's a shame, but I can't read it without thinking of Alex Jones's comical and overly dramatised mispronunciation. Still, excellent piece. Watching the watchmen.

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Thank you -- nothing new:

All About Opium with Carl Zha -- Jan. 30, 2023 https://substack.com/inbox/post/99224122

FYI -- An outstanding history of China (and Europe and US)

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mRNA “Vaccines”: The CIA and National Defense. This isn’t going to end well. (Jan 30 – R. Malone)ne)ne)



Twitter SW has more complex censorships – Musk invited Rubin for his engineers to discuss his account

Elon Musk Invited Me to Twitter HQ & It's Worse Than You Can Imagine (Jan. 30 – Rubin Report)


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