FYI -- A Scott Ritter Investigation: Agent Zelensky - Part 1 -- July 11, 2023


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Singapore and China have the most trusted media on earth. Why not follow their example by appointing a Chief Censor and publishing the censorship rules?

Here are China's:

The following rules apply to everyone (more stringent mass media rules apply to anyone with over five thousand social media followers):

No infringing, fake accounts, libel, disclosing trade secrets, or invading privacy;

No sending porn to attract users;

No torture, violence, killing of people or animals;

No selling lethal weapons, gambling, phishing, scamming, or spreading viruses;

No organizing crime, counterfeiting, false advertising, empty promises or bullying;

No lotteries, rumor-mongering, promoting superstitions;

No content opposing the basic principles of the Constitution, national unity, sovereignty, or territorial integrity;

No divulging State secrets or endangering national security.

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DNC and the Biden Admin have gone feral with TDS and now believe they have a right to control public opinion.


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