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For decades, the CIA vehemently denied any responsibility in the Iranian coup, affecting shock and horror that anyone would accuse them of such a thing. The CIA feigned a similar pious outrage over the coup in Chile in 1973.

Of course, the CIA's fingerprints were all over both, and eventually the evidence became so overwhelming that the CIA had to confess to orchestrating each of these coups.

When will the CIA admit to its role in Kiev in 2014? Its fingerprints were all over that coup as well.

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It is because of reporting like this that people see the US and UK coming. Thank-you for that. I’m battling a lot of people so proud of what we have been able to accomplish with S. Korea as far as business agreements,(insane influx of Kias and Hyundai’s) and Christianity. Hopefully, now they’ll see why. Empire membership, protection and loan guarantees come a steep price. Withholding Saudi funds was just the beginning with cannon fodder for war with China the real aim.

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Thank you Mr. Klarenberg.

Any references or citations that would support this statement “Offered a significant cut of AIOC’s profits in return for US backing, Eisenhower signed off..."

Is there proof of this?

Thanks again

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